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Business Vision

Strategic Energy Systems (SES) provides consulting, engineering and design services for distributed power generation, electric vehicle supply equipment, carbon footprint assessment and reduction, renewable energy and green building enhancements. By focusing on both energy efficiency and innovative energy production, SES enables its clients to realize lower lifetime costs while utilizing environmentally friendly practices. The company is organized to provide service and value to our customers through all project stages.

Engineering Services:

When SES performs architectural and engineering services it embraces the best interests of its clients. SES is concerned with the "real bottom line." In proposing optimal technical improvements, SES recognizes it will significantly affect overall organizational performance. Part of the consultative process for such an effort is being very clear about the organizational goals. SES seeks to identify and discuss the processes, plus risks and benefits of various alternatives, to assist decision makers within the organization to weigh tradeoffs and make the best possible decisions.

Design Consulting:

SES provides design consulting services for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential site system design. By being involved in the early stages of new projects, SES optimizes efficiency and avoids the need for redesigning and retrofitting buildings for distributed generation, renewable energy and green design. Overall costs and project time are reduced when the right design and practices are put into place from the start. SES ensures that customers are on the right track from the beginning to the end of each project. Our engineering and design services enable us to provide services throughout project construction and in many cases throughout project lifetime.

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