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Selected SES Personnel

John Carlton-Foss, President & Chief Executive Officer

SB,SM, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ed.M, Harvard University
M.B.A. program, Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ph.D, Saybrook Institute

After co-founding the Alternative Technology Study Group at MIT, John was founder and CEO of Human-Technical Systems Inc. (HTEC) in 1979, which provided expertise in the areas of human factors, energy engineering, architectural engineering, and implementation of computer systems in organizations. He served as a member of ASHRAE Standards Committee 62-89R (Minimum Requirements for Acceptable Ventilation), chairman of ASHRAE Standards Project Committee (Ventilation Effectiveness), and was a member of various ASHRAE technical standing committees.

John was one of the key figures in the early developments that led to the Leadership in Environmental Engineering Design (LEED). John served as the only psychologist-engineer on ASHRAE Standards Committee 62 (Ventilation for Acceptable Air Quality) arguing the importance of employee productivity, and of relying on scientific measurement and data to determine standards. He wrote "Energy Engineering for Occupied Spaces" (winning award for Best Journal Article) in which he argued that designing for people and productivity were key goals for engineering. He was a major contributor to the understanding of "sick building syndrome" and presented on this to the American Conference of Government and Industrial Hygienists in 1982. He was chairman of ASHRAE SPC 129P, which was tasked with developing a new standard for assessing the effectiveness of ventilation.

Emphasizing architectural engineering and computer systems, John has performed dozens of human-technical studies and implementations for organizations. His original work pertained to energy technologies, human comfort and productivity; later he also applied the approach to the implementation of computer systems and to general architectural-engineering systems. John has a diverse portfolio of successful projects including a campus of high-rise residential buildings in urban NYC, educational buildings in suburban and urban communities as well as commercial and industrial facilities across various industries. He has also designed, coded and managed numerous hardware and software projects. John is certified in the installation of meteorological towers and sensors.

John has authored or co-authored numerous publications including "ASHRAE Standard 62-89: Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality" (member of Committee), "Human Physiology and Comfort" in ASHRAE Fundamentals, "Energy Engineering for Occupied Spaces", "Comfort and Discomfort in Office Environmental Problems" and "A Winning Strategy for Software Companies: Value-Based, Flexible Design." John has presented on many topics, including a panalist for the MIT EntreprenaurConference and presented on the technical details of the installation of a 660 kW wind turbine at a recent Greening the Planet symposium, as well as panel presentations on quantum mechanics, quantum electrodynamics and patterns of cognition in the human mind.

Daniel Ciarcia, Director Business Development, PMP

MBA, Plymouth State University
BSEE, University of New Hampshire

Dan brings to SES a wealth of expertise in product marketing and program management, as well as extensive experience engineering products in industries ranging from green technology (EV, Wind, PV) to high-technology (Computer Networking, SemiConductor, Software). With formal education in Electrical Engineering, Masters in Business Administration and Project Management Professional (P.M.P.) certification, Dan is accomplished at managing projects of various sizes and applications, including oversight of budget and project scheduling. Dan has designed, marketed and managed the development of a diverse set of high-technology products for large corporations and start-up entities, such as General Electric, Cabletron Systems (Enterasys), Freescale/Motorola and Teja Technologies, efficiently integrating worldwide design organizations to meet aggressive deadlines and budgets.

Dan has extensive experience in the Electric Vehicle (EV) space, managing, specifying and bringing to market General Electric's WattStation Product line of EV Chargers as well as designing a robust cloud-based software application for managing the global charging station network. In the energy space Dan has performed comprehensive energy audits for commercial and residential complexes as well as the siting and planning of wind power installations. Dan’s extensive business and technical background in a wide breadth of industries and technologies, combined with comprehensive knowledge of the emerging renewable energy sector provides him with considerable insight into various power intensive vertical markets who are interested in integrating green technologies into their regular business activities. Dan has a passion for renewable, sustainable and environmentally beneficial technologies and seeks to rapidly advance the integration of these technologies into communities, businesses and homes with a goal of an ever more sustainable society on the whole.

Dan has presented on Electrical Vehical Infrastructure and Energy related topics at various forums including the 2011 MIT Energy Conference, featured speaker at the IEEE NYC Chapter meeting, technical speaker across the nation on a seven city coast-to-coast GE EV Experience Tour and served on the EV infrastructure panel at the 2011 Trans-Atlantic E-Mobility Conference in Washington DC.

Mark Allen, Master Electrician & Contractor

Massachusetts Master Electrician
NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer
Massachusetts Unrestricted Construction Supervisors License
Massachusetts Hoisting Engineers License
Sharp Solar Certified Installer

Mark is a fully qualified master electrician, electrical vehicle supply equipment installer (EVSE), electrical contractor and solar installer. He is certified as a Construction Supervisor and is able to oversee project installations from inception to commission.

Mark has spent 15 years in the electrical industry, in addition to installing and troubleshooting solar photovoltaic systems over the last 5 years, in the Greater Boston area for residential and commercial clients. Mark is deeply passionate about energy efficiency and and renewable energy technologies and has made that a focus of his career.

Mark also co-hosted several Money Matters' radio/internet programs on WBNW 1120 AM discussing alternative energy.

Andrew H. Sims, Jr., Chief Engineer, PE, DEE, QEP

S.B.E.E. with honors, Coast Guard Academy
S.B.E.E. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Andrew has held director and senior level positions at DukeSolutions, South Essex Sewerage District, City of New London CT and RG Vanderweil Engineering.

Andrew has conducted dozens of energy audits, designed energy system implementations, performed life safety code reviews creating corrective action recommendations, and has served as designer of record for an extensive portfolio of construction projects. Some of these design accomplishments include the energy systems at the U.S. Winter Olympic facilities (Salt Lake City), a chiller plant at a major Boston hospital, backup power systems, waste to heat/power systems, and a refurbishment of a low head hydro-electric dam.

In Andy’s project accomplishments, he has always adhered to applicable goals such as minimizing disruption during construction and achieving tight time and budget goals.

Mr. Sims’ professional credentials include:

  • Registered Professional Engineer in 24 states and District of Columbia (including New England states & NY)
  • Authorized OSHA Instructor for General Industry and for Construction Industry Outreach Programs
  • Qualified Environmental Practitioner, Institute for Professional Environmental Practice
  • Diplomate Environmental Engineer, American Academy of Environmental Engineers
  • Received Water Environment Federation Service Awards in 1992 and 1994 for publication work

Andrew has authored many publications including "Staffing and training for Secondary Start-Up", "Supervisor’s Guide to Safety and Health Programs" and "Safety and Health in Wastewater Systems - MOP 1."

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